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Our Team

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Nicola Bermingham

Nicola currently holds the position of Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool. Her research looks at immigration and language learning in the context of Galicia. Her main interests include sociolinguistics, migration studies and minority languages.

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James Hawkey

James is Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Catalan Linguistics at the University of Bristol. He is interested in quantitative approaches to the assessment of language policy, and his work focuses on Catalan-speaking communities (chiefly in Andorra and the city of Perpignan in southern France). His interests are broad-ranging and include language attitudes, sociophonetics, and migration studies.

Carlos Soler Montes
Membership Officer

Carlos is a Lecturer in Hispanic Linguistics at The University of Edinburgh. His scholarly interests reside at the intersection of Sociolinguistics and Second Language Pedagogy, with a particular emphasis on Language Variation, Language Contact and Discourse Analysis. His doctoral thesis focused on the Spanish verbal system geographical variation within the Second Language teaching and learning context.

Marina Rabadán Gómez
Marina is a lecturer in Spanish and Linguistics at the University of Liverpool and her research interests lay at the intersection of Second Language Acquisition and Pragmatics. Her PhD focuses on the development a framework to enable Spanish teachers to systematically raise awareness of the variations in language use in their students as well as to assist them to develop strategies for a successful intercultural communication. 

Adriana Patiño-Santos
Co-opted Member

Adriana is Associate Professor in Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton. Her  research interests include interactional sociolinguistics, language socialisation, narrative analysis and multilingualism. 

Daniel Morales
Co-opted Member

Daniel Morales is a lecturer in sociolinguistics and research methods in the School of Languages and Literature at Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro (Mexico). His sociolingusitic research interests concentrate on the relationship betwen language and identity, language ideologies, language policy and migration studies. Also his research involves ethnographic methods and different approaches to discourse analysis to shed light on social inequality.

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